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Our technical logistics knowledge is a world class and our local knowledge of the industry is outstanding.


We are one of the successful and experienced local third party logistics providers in Tanzania.

When was SLES founded?
  • SLES came into existence in the year 2006
Where is SLES located?
  • SLES has a number of offices across the country with its headquarter located in Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Plot 96, New Hub Street.
What services does SLES provide?
  • SLES is a full service logistics provider that offers a wide range of services to all industries in the areas of transportation; warehousing; equipment supply and supply chain management.
How quickly do you deliver consignments?
  • First and Fast depending on your timeline.
Do you install pumps outside of Dar es Salaam?
  • Yes, SLES has team of skilled technicians stationed in every zone of regions countrywide.


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