Improves efficiency

Automated fuel inventory monitoring improves the daily efficiency and profitability of your site or network.


Gain control of your wetstock by understanding variances, quickly identifying potential leaks or losses, and experiencing the advantages of centralized network management.



We have used(as Simba Oil) Gilbarco products long before we started to supply. From Fuel dispenser, Tank gauging systems,(TLS 3 & TLS 4B)


Forecourt systems(Postec & DOMS) to Red Jackets, Simba has assured itself that these products will provide a competitive advantage to the fuel business and contribute on proper wetstock management.


we deliver results

Now being more than 10 years in this business, we have gathered enough Case Studies based on our operational environment through which we have made our products more robust, reliable and efficient at all times.


We do stock enough spare parts to support you at any time

Installation & construction

team work

SLES is equipped with competent and skilled team of technicians across the country ready to offer you installation of products, support and maintenance activities.